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May 24th 2024

✨ Features

πŸ› οΈ Improvements

πŸ› Bug fixes

✨ Features:

  • Added the ability to add a duration to a snoozed task as well as the ability to snooze any task outside of Skuddy. All todo's now also have a "Snoozed" and "Completed" section giving you a better overview and more control of your daily schedule. Snooze can be found in a task's β€œmore” menu.

  • TIP: to quickly snooze an item for one day long press the checkbox item!

πŸ› οΈ Improvements:

  • Add a reset button to skuddy poker view.

  • Added a delete button to the duration sheet to quickly reset a duration to 0 seconds. Any time left will get added back to the global timer.

  • Added a round duration button to the duration sheet to quickly round a duration to your prefered timeblock.

  • Add select all button to search logic in Skuddy and Poker.

  • Added the ability to reset your poker decisions in the Skuddy view.

  • Improve todo selection for Skuddy and Poker.

  • Improved search experience in the global Search page, Skuddy, Poker, All Todos and the Inbox Wizard.

πŸ› Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Labels would not have any effect while searching.

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Align Times on the Tracking page would not align your logs to your desired Time Block.

  • Fixed a bug where pomodoro sound bar icons would enlarge too much on bigger screens.

  • Fixed a bug where closing the inbox popup page would trigger a rate limit warning.

May 14th 2024

✨ Features

πŸ› οΈ Improvements

πŸ› Bug fixes

✨ Features:

- Priority poker is here! Play your cards right and your important tasks emerge on top.

- Projects are now called Spaces to better reflect their purpose.

- A contextual search button will appear when navigating spaces and todos in your All Todos page and Inbox Wizard.

- The global search page has been improved to include tasks, spaces and todos.

- The inbox popup has been redesigned to make faster decisions in terms of destinations, priorities and deadlines.

- Choredoros have been moved to the home screen. In addition, any task can now be marked as a Choredoro, meaning it will appear as a task during your pomodoro breaks.

- Any task can now be marked as recurring, meaning it will return as a task after completing it based on the frequency you set. This can be done for all tasks, including Choredoros.

- New task setting: whenever you complete a task it will copy the description and time log to your clipboard automagically.

- You can now easily skip, complete, edit and delete tasks when cleaning up your Inbox with the Inbox Wizard.

πŸ› οΈ Improvements:

- Improved performance on the quick inbox popup page.
- Haptic feedback has been added to several actions in the app.
- Moved search to the top of the home page to make space for Priority Poker.
- You now only have to tap once on a priority button to change the priority, instead of picking one in a bottom sheet.

πŸ› Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug where loading all archived tasks of a todo would show duplicates.

March 16th 2024

✨ Features:

  • When opening the quick inbox popup for the first time, Skuddy will you a brief explanation on how to use it.

  • When opening the app for the first time, Skuddy will give you a brief tour of the app to help you get started.

  • Added a "What's New" page to keep you in the loop about all the new updates in each version (this page😁).

  • Web: You can append the task query parameter like: task=do something to the URL of any todo. This will immediately add the task to page upon loading the page. This functionality is compatible with the Daily Todo, Inbox, and all project Todos.

πŸ› οΈ Improvements:

  • The legendary Inbox Wizard can be summoned from the inbox page.

  • Time tracking is disabled by default except for your Daily Todo. You can still enable it for any todo by clicking the clock icon on the todo page.

  • The blue home badge indicator reflects the total amount of blue badges presented on the home page.

  • Tasks without time tracking will not show durations anymore.

πŸ› Bug fixes:

  • Web: Resolved an issue that caused users to remain on the home page after logging out.